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Education News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Get the latest Education news headlines from Yahoo! News. Find breaking education news, including analysis and opinion on top Education stories, photos and more.

Education News Headlines - Yahoo! News
  • Washington loses waiver on No Child Left Behind
    SEATTLE (AP) — Washington state is losing its independence to decide the best way to spend about $40 million in federal dollars to improve how students perform in its public schools, education officials said Thursday.

  • Feed Your STEM Curiosity With These College Scholarships
    Over the last few years, science, technology, engineering and math scholarships have been on the rise, and that doesn't show any signs of slowing down. The Scholarship Coach has covered the continuing rise of STEM scholarships, and has noticed some interesting things about next year's available scholarships for science-minded students. In addition to traditional essay-based scholarship questions, you'll see more unconventional applications, such as those that require conducting experiments or working in teams to solve a problem. Two competitions in particular, FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition, offer middle school and high school students a chance to apply real-world math and science concepts by building their own robots.

  • Land a Summer Internship as a High School Student
    Summer internships are often sought after by college students, but recently there's been more incentive for high school students to get professional experience. The report also says 70 percent of companies believe high school students who complete their programs are either very or completely likely to eventually land a college internship within their company. "I think having an internship on your resume when you apply for college really shows that you're thinking about your future," says Lauren Berger, author of "All Work, No Pay: Finding an Internship, Building Your Resume, Making Connections, and Gaining Job Experience." "Those are the students that are going to succeed in the classroom." High school students can start by searching within their networks.

  • Boy and girl on Korean ferry drowned with life jackets tied together

    A mother whose teenage child was onboard the capsized Sewol ferry and is missing, cries as she reads messages dedicated to the missing and dead passengers on the ship at a port in JindoBy James Pearson and Meeyoung Cho SEOUL (Reuters) - A boy and girl trapped in a sinking South Korean ferry with hundreds of other high school students tied their life jacket cords together, a diver who recovered their bodies said, presumably so they wouldn't float apart. Captain Lee Joon-seok, 69, and other crew members who abandoned ship have been arrested on negligence charges.

  • Californians overwhelmingly approve new education standards: poll
    Most Californians support dramatic changes set to take hold in public education, including funneling more money to schools with disadvantaged students and implementing rigorous national standards known as the common core curriculum, a new poll shows. Nearly three-quarters of Californians also say they support free preschool for all 4-year-olds, a measure that has been proposed by Democrats in the legislature but met with skepticism by Governor Jerry Brown, the poll by the Public Policy Institute of California released Wednesday night showed. "Public support is solidly behind the significant changes that are being made to school funding and classroom curricula this year," said PPIC President Mark Baldassare. After hearing a brief description of the Common Core, criticized by some conservatives as a federal takeover of local public schools because the Obama administration is pushing for the change, 69 percent of California residents interviewed said they supported the standards, Baldassare said in a news release.

  • Murray breaks down in tears at Scottish ceremony

    Stirling Council Provost Mike Robbins, right, comforts British tennis player Andy Murray after he made an emotional speech following his acceptance of the Freedom of Stirling presented to him during a special council meeting at his old school Dunblane High, in Dunblane, Scotland, Wednesday, April 23, 2014. Murray said he feels honored to receive the freedom of Stirling and an honorary degree from the university where he trained as a boy. (AP Photo/PA, Andrew Milligan) UNITED KINGDOM OUT, NO SALES, NO ARCHIVEDUNBLANE, Scotland (AP) — Andy Murray burst into tears on Wednesday as he accepted a civic honor in his Scottish hometown of Dunblane.

  • Rand Paul Wants Minorities to Embrace the School Vouchers Rural Republicans Are Rejecting

    Rand Paul Wants Minorities to Embrace the School Vouchers Rural Republicans Are RejectingRand Paul went to President Obama's adopted hometown on Tuesday to pitch private school vouchers as the "great equalizer" for inner-city minority students. That message doesn't work as well in mostly-white rural areas, where Republicans don't want to send sparse federal dollars to private schools.  Paul visited Chicago's Josephinum Academy, a Sacred Heart-affiliated school that is 5 percent non-Hispanic white, according to The New York Times. The thing is, Democrats and Republicans in rural areas oppose private school vouchers — which divert money from public schools to private schools — for the same reason: public schools need that money more.

  • Smaller share of US high school grads entering college. Why?
    A new annual review finds that 65.9 percent of 2013 high school graduates were enrolled in colleges or universities as of last October. That compares with a 66.2 percent enrollment rate in 2012 and 68.3 percent in 2011. All those numbers are below the all-time high of 70.1 percent in 2009, according to the Labor Department, which tracks the numbers and released its latest tally Tuesday. The share of high school grads heading for advanced degrees remains high compared with enrollment rates in many prior decades. But today’s enrollment rates are little changed from the late 1990s, despite efforts by President Obama and others to ramp up educational opportunities as a path to economic success – and despite polls showing that Americans view higher education as financially worthwhile.

  • SERIOUSLY? Texas teachers scare, shame and bully kids about standardized tests
    If, as The Daily Caller speculates, there’s a special place in hell reserved for people who think up ways to make little kids feel horrible about themselves when they disappoint adults, then a bunch of teachers and school officials at Lamar Elementary School in El Paso, Texas should consider praying for mercy. Some parents of Lamar Elementary students believe teachers and school officials bullied their third-grade kids by sending home a bizarro, menacing handout about this week’s state-mandated STAAR standardized tests, reports local FOX affiliate KFOX. The Daily Caller has obtained the full text of the handout, entitled “What if I don’t try on the STAAR?” (See the image below.) However students who don’t do it to the satisfaction of the adults at Lamar Elementary risk flunking for the entire school year – so, no pressure kids! – and being labeled as “lazy.”

  • California GOP hopeful wants free college for science, math students

    California Republican gubernatorial candidate Kashkari poses after touring the Robinson Helicopter Co. in TorranceBy Jennifer Chaussee BERKELEY, California (Reuters) - California Republican gubernatorial hopeful Neel Kashkari called for free college tuition for students pursuing math and science degrees, part of an education reform plan released Tuesday that would also model public schools after charter schools. Kashkari's proposal would waive tuition for students pursuing a four-year degree in any science, technology, electronics, or math subject in exchange for a percentage of their future earnings after graduation. It came as Kashkari, trailing a distant third in recent polls behind incumbent Jerry Brown and Republican Tea Party favorite Tim Donnelly, is struggling to add momentum to his campaign before the June primary.




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