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Education News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Get the latest Education news headlines from Yahoo! News. Find breaking education news, including analysis and opinion on top Education stories, photos and more.

Education News Headlines - Yahoo! News
  • Ontario Teachers likely to buy rest of UK's Bristol Airport: source

    Bristol airport: Give us the runway insteadCanada's Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan is likely to buy the rest of Britain's Bristol Airport in a deal worth up to 250 million pounds ($424.6 million), a source closely monitoring the situation said on Monday. The pension fund, which already owns 49 percent of the regional airport, has the right of first offer for the 50 percent owned by Australian asset manager Macquarie Group . Macquarie, the world's largest infrastructure asset manager, was sounding out buyers for its holding, British newspaper The Sunday Times reported. Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan is eyeing the stake as it seeks to expand its infrastructure holdings from $12 billion to around $18 billion.

  • Salvage Summer ACT, SAT Prep With a Shortened Timeline
    Some high school students begin their summers with the intent of fully preparing for standardized college admissions tests. They understand that their time to study for the ACT or SAT will be limited once they return to school in the fall and wish to complete as much exam preparation as possible while their schedules permit.

  • Healthier High School Lunches Get a Mixed Bag of Reviews
    The reviews on healthier school lunches are in, and it seems most high school students think they are tolerable. Many of the new federal requirements aimed at making school lunches healthier took effect in the 2012-2013 school year. Twelve months later, about 63 percent of high school students surveyed reported liking the new school lunches, at least to some extent, according to a report released this month by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a philanthropic organization whose mission is to improve public health. "High school kids, you know they got their opinions right away," says Susan Birmingham, director of food service for Frontier Central School District in Hamburg, New York.

  • Professors object to FAA restrictions on drone use
    WASHINGTON (AP) — University and college professors are complaining that government restrictions on the use of small drones are likely to stifle academic research.

  • Science on the job: Teachers learn from tech firms
    A small but growing number of science and math teachers aren't spending the summer at the beach or catching up on books, they're toiling at companies, practicing the principles they teach. As American ...

    EDITORS: Cynthia Tucker is taking a one-week vacation and will not file a column dated for Aug. 2-3. In much of the country, parents are already buying school supplies for the start of the academic year -- a departure from days of yore. The American system of public education is in dire need of comprehensive change if it is to prepare students for global competition.

  • Avoid These Tech Mistakes as an Online Student
    Michelle Hook Dewey jokes that when she started her online master's degree with the University of Illinois in 2011, all of her homework was organized in paper folders. Still, she admits technology can be a big hurdle to overcome, especially for online learners who tend to be older and less familiar with newer tools. "And you can find new ways to approach technology." Below are 10 technology mistakes many online students make when starting school.

  • Land a Spot in a Top Online Master's in Education Program
    "Anybody who is working in education in the 21st century really needs to have an online experience, not just from an instructor side but from a student side," says Kaleb Patrick, director of graduate programs for Central Michigan University's Global Campus, tied for the No. 3 spot among online graduate education programs. Getting into the top online graduate education program isn't impossible -- the top 10 schools have an average acceptance rate of 85 percent, according to U.S. News data -- but online students might want to think twice about what they choose to emphasize in their applications. Admissions committees look for strong work experience, well-written essays and positive letters of recommendations from all of their applicants, however, prospective online students would be wise to focus on why they would be a good fit for a virtual environment, experts say. Students looking to get into the best online graduate education programs should make it clear they understand the unique requirements of online learning, says Patrick Roberts, an associate professor in the Northern Illinois University College of Education, ranked No. 1.

  • Corinthian faces uphill struggle to sell Everest colleges
    It took a cryptic message on her college login page to alert Stephenie Wickiser to the plight of the company that owns her online university. Corinthian Colleges Inc is the first university operator in the United States to feel the force of a government crackdown on the $28 billion for-profit education sector. As part of an agreement with the Department of Education - the same deal to which Wickiser's login page made reference - Corinthian has six months to sell most of its campuses or close them down. "I am just worried that I am going to be stuck with all these student loans, and my degree means absolutely nothing," said Wickiser, a paralegal student at Corinthian's Everest University Online.

  • House votes to simplify education tax breaks
    The House passed a bill Thursday that would simplify a complicated patchwork of tax breaks for higher education but would exclude many graduate students. The bill would make permanent a tax credit that ...




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